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Farm History

   How it all started…Tom and Martha Mercer bought a small farm from Martha’s father in 1978.  Little did they know that within their lifetime they would see the fields and farm completely transformed. 

   Tom and Martha were both teachers.  Tom retired from teaching and he and his oldest son Craig decided to begin growing vegetables.  They set up a small wagon alongside the road in front of their farm and sold their produce each summer.  After college, Craig worked full time away from the farm.  Despite having this full time job, Craig’s heart was truly at the farm.  He and his wife Joanne helped Tom and Martha plant, grow, and harvest the crops that they continued to sell from the wagon.

   In 1982, the Mercer family grew with the birth of Craig and Joanne’s oldest son, Ryan, and again in 1985, with the birth of their second son, Ross.  The farm continued to be a family affair as the boys were eager to come to the farm to help and spend time with their dad and mom and grandma and grandpa.

   In 1992, the first market was built at the farm, ending over a decade of roadside sales from their trusty wagon.  That wagon is still a part of the farm, however, as it is still used for hauling irrigation equipment.  The first greenhouse, only 1,440 square feet, was constructed shortly after in 1993, expanding both the square footage of the buildings and the variety of plants and produce available at the farm.

   Over the years, greenhouses have moved, new greenhouses and buildings have been built, and an addition has been added to the original market.  The farm looks a lot different than when Tom and Martha first stood together looking over their fields of corn and hay.  Despite the changes, the value of family, God, and hard work are still at the forefront of the daily operations of the farm.

   Craig and his wife Joanne now run the farm, while Tom enjoys his retirement.  Craig’s oldest son Ryan worked on the farm throughout high school and college, but chose a different route.  Ryan works full time as an engineer and a father of four with his wife, but he always makes time to find his way back to the farm.  Ryan's wife and four boys also help when they can.  Ross decided that farming was his true passion.  After graduating with a business degree, Ross came back to the farm full time in 2008 and works side-by-side with his dad every day, fine-tuning his knowledge of the farm and learning the ins and outs of running the business.  Ross’s wife, an English teacher, also helps at the farm when she can.  Ross and his wife have two children who are just beginning to love the farm life. 

   The farm currently employs approximately 20 seasonal workers from March to December.  The employees are like family and are the heart of the business.  Most people who come to the farm each summer are happy to see familiar faces, especially those of the employees that have been with us from the start. In the picture below, Joy has been with the farm since 1987.  She is a very valuable employee because she manages and runs the day to day operation in the market.  She also makes fresh baked goods, which are sold at the market.

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